Summer 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 10:19 AM

June 30-July 4th No lessons this week. Studio closed for Independence Week! Enjoy your holiday picnics, etc. Competitions! Congratulations to all participants! Many thanks to everyone for the hard work and practice! November Competitions Selections of music should be taking place now. Be sure to participate in this exciting preparation process so your young person will be aware of your interest and encouragement of their efforts. Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement--be practicing diligently over the summer! (Nov.1st -PPP and Junior Competition; Nov. 15th - Senior Competition at Jacobs Music Hall-plan ahead!) Group Theory Just a reminder that Group Theory Classes will resume in September. We do not have Group Theory in the summer. Make plans now to be consistent in your attendance. Group is very important to your child’s success at piano!100 Day Practice Challenge will also resume in September-get ready! Music Composition Class Mr. Chris Ostertag will be presenting a Music Composition class in the Fall. Sign up now to receive more information in Sept. Congratulations Congratulations to Miss Aife NiChochlain and Miss Meghan Gall on their H S Graduation. Plan to attend their Senior Piano Recital here at the GS Studio on Saturday August 16th. Lots of beautiful music and refreshments-don’t miss it! New Students A warm welcome is extended to all the new students from Keyboard Adventures and KinderKeys who are beginning “one-on-one” lessons! We’re glad all of you are here. Thank you for your confidence in us. Early registration for Keyboard Adventures and KinderKeys is a must! Our classes may fill up rapidly. Summer Lessons Piano lessons continue as scheduled throughout the summer. Summer is a great time to advance in Piano since homework and sports won’t be making demands on the student’s time. Morning practice is good, leaving the rest of the day for the pool, etc. Important things get done if they are scheduled!Violin/Viola String lessons continue on Tuesdays with Paul McIntyre. Voice (vocal) and Singing Lessons continue with Mrs. Pam Geiger-ask Judy for details! Vacations: Please let us know when you will be away. The Studio is open all summer. Our tuition fee schedule does not change, even if you are away for more than one week since we do not charge for extra lessons taught during the year on 5-lesson months.- OVER - Practice-practice! When you are at home, maintain a regular practice schedule. When you are away, take along a portable keyboard, flashcards and extra note-speller books. You can have fun and make a game out of using these things. Show interest, be positive and enthusiastic. Offer to take your young person to the Music store and let them shop for Classical or Sacred music pieces—CD, tape, or sheet music. It’s inexpensive and your young person will be thrilled. Also, take them to an outdoor band or orchestra concert over the summer or to one of our recitals. Music is such a wholesome and comforting interest for anyone. Take advantage of the ‘lazy days” of summer to experience some of these outings with your children! Have a Great Summer and Thank You for your help and support in all of these matters. We have such a fun time learning. Our goal and mission is to enrich and beautify our student’s lives with the joy of music. Remember, Piano is forever! We LOVE teaching music to your children Judy and the Grandstaff