Keyboard Adventures Oct 2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019 6:42 PM


October 2019 Keyboard Adventures NEWS



Welcome!   We’re off to a great start on our KBA Fall semester!  We have lots of enthusiastic little students who love to learn music.

We are learning rhythm and notation-as well as many music symbols, time signatures, note values and lines and spaces.

We also learned about Henry the Steinway and we had hands on with real Steinway action hammers and soundboard wood

Our rhythm sticks are also a big favorite as we tapped to folk songs from many countries.

We learned “Hi and Low” with our light-up hoola hoops and everyone got to pick from the lollypop tree.

We are progressing well in our Lesson books. Our workbooks are done together here at the Studio.

Adult Labs  If you are interested in the Adult Piano Lab., we have a few openings on Tuesday at 10 AM.  Your young person has a far greater chance of succeeding at one-on-one lessons later if at least one parent has had some piano instruction.

Final Class-Our last class is Thursday November 14th which will conclude our 10 week semester


Piano Purchase:  Many of you have asked us about buying a piano.  Please be careful about buying pianos from the classifieds. We will always refer you to a good reputable dealer and encourage the purchase of a good instrument. If you need a piano, we can help.  Wow-what a great Christmas present for the family!

We look forward to more weeks of fun and excitement as we learn to read music and play the piano.

Happy Fall! Happy Halloween!  Isn’t the weather great?


Judith Kay Clark, Director,   MTNA, PMTA

Mollie Weinrich, Student Assistant

Wilson Martinez, Student Assistant

Caden Eveland, Student Assistant