Kinderkeys Oct 2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019 6:43 PM

                             GrandStaff Piano Studio

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         October 2019 KinderKeys  NEWS

KinderKeys is off to a great start this semester!  We have many little students who are eager to learn about piano and violin!

We have been busy learning piano key names; high and low; listening skills; and hand positions as well as right and left hand concepts. We enjoy keeping the beat on the Omnichord strum pad and playing the MerryMakerMusic harp which ear trains and teaches rhythm.

We are having fun coloring pictures of various music instruments. Our workbooks are teaching us finger numbers and hand positions while each student receives a piano and violin lesson.

Our Tempo Cat Chart teaches us the Italian terms for the speed in music and the Omnichord (autoharp) makes such beautiful music.

During snack time we learn our music symbols on flashcards and we love to march during rhythm band.

We are looking forward to more exciting learning experiences as the semester progresses.

Encourage your little person to tell you all about the many experiences at each class.  Perhaps they can demonstrate at your piano at home what they are learning about the keyboard and sing some of the songs they are singing about music.


We love teaching your children and having a part in this very beginning of their Music Education.

                                                         Happy Fall and Happy Halloween

Judith Kay Clark,  Director

Brenna Pyskaty,  Instructional Assistant

Rollin Harris, Student Assistant



October 2019 Keyboard Adventures NEWS


Welcome!   We are off to a great start on our KBA Spring semester!  We have lots of enthusiastic little students who love to learn music.

We are learning rhythm and notation-as well as many music symbols, time signatures, note values and lines and spaces.

We are progressing well in our Lesson books. Our workbooks are done together here at the Studio.

Piano Purchase:  Many of you have asked us about buying a piano.  Please be careful about buying pianos from the classifieds. We will always refer you to a good reputable dealer and encourage the purchase of a good instrument.   Wow-what a great gift for the whole family!

We look forward to many more weeks of fun and excitement as we learn to read music and play the piano.

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween


Judith Kay Clark, Director,   MTNA, PMTA

Mollie Weinrich, Student Assistant

Wilson Martinez, Student Assistant

Caden Eveland, Student Assistant