November 2022

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 5:28 PM

GrandStaff Piano Studio

NOVEMBER 2022 Piano News

No Lessons! Wednesday Nov. 23, and Thanksgiving Day Thursday Nov. 24 will be holidays with nolessons on those dates. We will have lessons on Monday, November 28 and continue on through until Christmas vacation..

Competitions Competitions will not be held as such-but we will have a recital or “Holiday PerformanceFestival” event on Saturday November 12th at 10 AM.for those students who wish to participate. It will be held at Highland Park Hall.

We hope you’ll be participating or attending! Sign up ASAP!

The ”Performance Festival” will be a “dress-up” event-young ladies, please wear dresses-young men should wear long sleeved shirts. A tie is extra nice. Thank you!

Refreshments  We may need volunteers to sign up to bring snacks and drinks. Please let your teacher or Miss Liz know if you can help.

We have helpful preparation sheets and maps available. By having an event to prepare for is a great motivational tool for your young person. It’s fun and teaches them poise and performing skills. Be sure to be a part of the fun. Come and support the students!

We are all looking forward to our performances with great anticipation. A lot of hard work and many hours of practice have gone into the preparation for the Event and we can’t wait to do our best!  

Piano Purchase: Some of you have asked us about buying a piano. Please be careful about buying pianos from the classifieds. We will always refer you to a good reputable dealer and encourage the purchase of a good instrument. If you need a piano-we can help. Wow-what a great Christmas present for the family!

Instruments For Sale: We have an excellent Trumpet, Mandolin, and Flute for sale-all priced very reasonably. Ask J R

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families from the GrandStaff Faculty We are all very grateful for our students and their parents. We greatly appreciate your support and encouragement throughout the year. We are indeed thankful and blessed to have such nice people working with us to make a difference in our student’s lives.

J R, Liz, Kadence, Brenna, Stefanie, Wilson