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GrandStaff Piano Studio

Quakertown, Pa.


June-July 2023 News 

Happy Summertime!

July 4th week Studio will be closed. 7/3-7/8/2023 Thank You!


Competitions! Congratulations to all participants! We are so proud of you! Many thanks to everyone for the hard work and practice! The students had a lot of fun performing their music and striving to do their personal best!

Thank you to ALL our volunteers who made the event possible!

The event was a real blessing!

Reminder If you haven’t yet paid the Competition/Performance fees, please add the $10 to the June tuition fee.

Thanks so much for taking care of that.

November Performances Selections of music should be taking place now. Be sure to participate in this exciting preparation process so your young person will be aware of your interest and encouragement of their efforts. Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement--be practicing diligently over the summer for our November Fall Performances will be on Saturday November 11th!

Save the date and mark your calendars!


Summer Lessons We teach year-round and Piano lessons continue as scheduled throughout the summer. Summer is a great time to advance in Piano since homework and sports won’t be making demands on the student’s time. Morning practice is good, leaving the rest of the day for the pool, beach, fishing, etc. Important things get done if they are scheduled!


Vacations: Please let us know when you will be away. The Studio is open all summer (except July 4thweek). Our tuition fee schedule does not change, even if you are away for more than one week since we do not charge for extra lessons taught during the year on 5-lesson months.

Thank you for understanding and paying your tuition in a timely manner.

Practice-practice! When you are at home, maintain a regular practice schedule. When you are

away, take along a portable keyboard, flashcards and extra note-speller books. You can have fun and make a game out of using these things. Show interest, be positive and enthusiastic. Offer to take your young person to the Music store and let them shop for Classical or Sacred music pieces—CD or sheet music. It’s inexpensive and your young person will be thrilled. Also, take them to an outdoor band or orchestra concert over the summer or to one of our recitals. Many music venues and theatres have concerts or musicals. Music is such a wholesome and comforting interest for anyone. Take advantage of the ‘lazy days” of summer to experience

some of these outings with your children!

Have a Great Summer and Thank You for your help and support in all of these matters.


We have such a fun time learning. Our goal and mission is to enrich and beautify our student’s lives with the joy of music. Remember, Piano is forever!

We LOVE teaching music to your children!

the Grandstaff


Spring 2022 Keyboard Adventures NEWS

This has been such a productive semester for all our little Keyboard Adventure students. We’ve seen great progress in key recognition, dynamic term memorization, ear-training and symbol learning. Everyone has been so eager to learn that we have accomplished a lot this term.

  • Last Day It makes us sad to see the Spring semester coming to a close. The last day for Keyboard Adventure Class is on Thursday  May 19th.
  • The next Semester of Keyboard Adventures begins

Thrs. Sept 8th-mark your calendars!

Important: Those wanting to enroll for regular piano lessons, please see Liz ASAP for openings. It is important to begin lessons before acquired skills and concepts that were recently learned are forgotten.

 Lessons are $80 per month plus cost of books.

Keyboard Adventures is unique-fun-and is one the most productive, beneficial programs anywhere for pre-piano study. You may re-enroll for another Semester of Keyboard Adventures if your child is not yet ready for individual regular lessons. Let us know!

Our best endorsement is “word-of-mouth”. Thank you for your confidence in us.

Thank you again for trusting us with part of your child’s education. We love teaching them!


J. R.Clark, Director

Liz Harris, Associate Director