Grandstaff Music Studio

Adult Lessons

Our 7 piano Adult Piano Lab classes are exciting and fun for adults of all ages.
Classes are 45 minutes per week


          We have a Tuesday A.M. Ladies Class and a Tuesday P.M. evening adult class for beginners or those who have some piano in the past.

          We have a great time learning basic theory, finger aerobics, and simple tunes with composer biographies

          Interesting background of songs, composers, and operas is given

          Each student learns at his/her own full-sized piano with individual headset and microphone for privacy of instruction and practice.

          Learning is fun as each person progresses at his/her own pace.

          Duets are played with the instructor or other students.Each semester is six weeks with every session continuing right after another.

          If your dream has always been to play the piano, give yourself the chance to fulfill your wish. This is an easy, fun way to learn in a non-threatening environment.

          Join other adults inspired by the classics on pianos that are capable of regular piano sounds as well as harpsichord, vibraphone, strings and organ sounds.

          Tuition is very reasonable and class times are convenient. You'll have a lot of fun attending our Adult Piano Lab classes.